Baby Rooms

A well-designed baby room brings together soothing, safe & practical elements.

We understand the many concerns that parents-to-be may be experiencing. Expecting the arrival of a new baby can be daunting. Creating a baby room early on can be not only exciting but calming as you tick off the boxes ready for arrival.

It’s quite natural for many to wonder: “will I be a good parent?”

As reality sets in you start asking more challenging questions to yourself. Are we set up for the arrival? What will the impact be on everyone in the household? Most importantly, how can you create a soothing baby room? One which accommodates a quiet corner for mum to feed and bond with the baby. One with a calming atmosphere. A baby room that focuses also on nappy-changing, bathing, as well as quite, sleep time.

A functional baby room is a room that helps connect the baby with aunts, uncles as well as grandparents alike. These are the people most likely to play a significant and welcome role in the life and development of your little one.

Everyone is different, of course. We are getting many requests from educated parents to make this haven a safe haven. One constructed without harmful chemicals. People are fast learning paints with VOC, textiles with formaldehyde all can cause health problems in infants. So we focus on a masterfully creating a healthy non-toxic baby room which will be the launchpad for the wellness of the baby.

To manage any such parental angst, we have sought learned design consultants to meet with you for creative design and collaboration to help you explore inspirational ideas that will celebrate your baby room.

Consultation embraces the following areas:

  • The orientation of the room to the property
  • Budget considerations
  • Interior conceptual design
  • Colours consultation
  • Style decorating
  • Discuss decluttering and plan practical drawers and storage
  • Textile and coverings selections
  • Fixture specification freestanding or inbuilt furniture, ie, change table, feeding table, cot, etc.
  • Discussion of accessories: monitors, etc.

And remember, we will happily discuss the healthy options that incorporate a non-toxic environment. Whether you wish for a traditional style nursery or a personalised design with original framed artwork, we cater for all themes.

A happy baby means a happy mum, with flow-on benefits to the household and greater family circle.

So at Kirribilli Homes, we are happy to provide a welcoming and amenable baby’s first room as your gateway to truly rewarding stewardship and functionality.

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