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Termite Repairs Sydney

As a one-contract provider specialising in renovation and building works since 2009, Kirribilli Homes has the experience and expertise to identify and repair all termite damage works for your property.

Termites often follow water penetration into a home and as a result, Kirribilli Homes recommend dealing with all water leaks and flooding as soon as possible to limit the entry of termites.

Termites often affect wall, flooring and roofing structures and compromise the structural integrity. Duty of care requires inspection and identification of issues and a strategy of how to approach each unique restoration.

Kirribilli Homes are licensed builders and often collaborate with allied industry expertise such as pest control services to thoroughly complete works and see your property treated so no additional repairs are required and pests are dissuaded from revisiting.

Termites can lay thousands of eggs in one day and form a whole colony within a few short weeks forming their home in the dark — it is here where although termites are cold blooded that they generate the heat that may be detected by a quality thermal camera through physical walls undetected by the human eye.

It is when the bacteria in a termite’s gut that breaks down to digest cellulose the main element of wood that heat is generated making these squatting pests visible thermally.

Traditional methods rely on knocking on wood and drilling but Kirribilli Homes uses state of the art thermal imaging technology to find termite infestations and have often saved homeowners thousands of dollars in unnecessary deconstruction.

When it comes to termite issues do not wait. Contact the team at Kirribilli Homes now to assess your property.

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