Collaboration Gives Your Renovation An Upgraded Destination

When a client engages a renovation specialist such as Kirribilli Homes to manage their full renovation project, it is sometimes appropriate to consider the useful services of an interior designer.

The benefits can be:

  • the personality style of you and your family is given accurate expression.
  • they assist you in making easier choices of such materials as tiles, splashbacks, benchtop materials and finishes, laminate choices, taps, flick mixers, knobs, floor coverings, timbers, shower heads, towel rails, lighting, paint special effects and colours and so on.
  • interior designers live in the world of textiles, soft furnishings, artistic design features and interiors so you benefit with their product and industry awareness and are generally already researched to save you time and meet your needs.
  • you save shoe leather, unwanted stress and real time in investigating options. If for example you wanted to produce a “Hamptons” styling, the appointed interior stylist will narrow down and highlight your appropriate choices.
  • you minimise embarrassing and costly mistakes and subsequent time delays due to corrective action on the part of the renovation specialist.
  • you invest into a “wow factor” result for you, guaranteeing a pleasing ensemble of colours and finishes which is desirable for fiscal equity and resale appeal.
  • you get tailored kitchen and bathroom design attention to suit the unique needs of you and your family.
  • you have a better overall renovations experience.

TIP: Beware of interior designers that see you simply as an opportunity for their portfolio. If they do not exhibit genuine care for who you are and nurture you to clear objectives, seek another.

TIP: On certain projects, we may actually suggest and steer you into connection with an interior designer from our network that we feel may be a good fit with you and your unique project requirements.

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