How To Stay “Certain” In A Time of Uncertainty

As I’ve been reaching out to family members, friends and other business owners I have made some observations that you might call obvious. But it’s worth putting them in writing:

a) Those who are “down” were happy after some contact

b )When I felt “down” I was happy with some contact

c) Facetime and Zoom are great contact tools. Use Zoom for groups.

d) The marketplace has “softened.” More than ever, clients appreciate some additional contact, some reassurances at times [even if it is to say “yes we’re still coming,”] and more than ever clients appreciate having some certainty and consistency.

e) I’m getting some businesses contact me by email spruking their services. I don’t mind that so much, except when I feel that they see an opportunity in the current corona virus landscape which they want to capitalise on. Leaves me a little cold.

f) I don’t want to be “sold.” I prefer to be “helped.”

g) This is a great time to reach out to others, and put the love and care in.

h) I’m grateful for what I have. I have a great family. I have great friends. I have good health I’m involved in a weight loss coaching program [having lost 13.6 kgs] and I’m seeing the joy of others as their health optimises as their own weight drops away.

i) I love being involved in the business community meeting with other business owners being inspired by their staunch resolve, positiveness and new creative initiatives.

j) I know drawing from my own life’s experience that new purpose comes from becoming resilient. Resilient people are resourceful people.

What Strategies Could We Consider To Get Through The Toughest of Times?

The current general uncertainty may have a huge impact on you mentally, emotionally and physically. Taking care of yourself now is vital.
Here’s a short-list of coping strategies. Hope it helps for the days and weeks ahead.

a) Get selfless. Selfish people are unhappy people. What daily acts of kindness, generosity, and compassion for others could you initiate? Lift the atmosphere for your family by role modelling the authentic consideration of others.

b) Get giving. There is a joy in giving that is greater than receiving. Encouraging others costs nothing. Give thoughtful words, an encouraging text, a prepared meal as an act of love.

c) Initiate a group chat using group-chat tools Zoom or WhatsApp. Some people are having “virtual coffee” together. It cultivates camaraderie. If you are a business owner, create camaraderie with your staff. It’s a morale-booster.

d) Share resources with others that you may have found useful.

e) Shed some kilo’s. Now is a perfect time to care of yourself physically. Anyone can do the weight loss program I’m on and anyone can do it. It’s not hard. Stats show that 93% of people want to lose weight. Who could do it with you?

f) Maintain perspective. These times will pass. This situation is temporary. When you look back, how will you have utilised the time?

g) New circumstances require new goals. Are your previous goals still relevant? What dates are you working to? New goals invigorate your daily purpose. Get that list cracking!

h) Tragedy or pit stop? Someone wise said “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.” If the current situation was viewed as a pit stop, then it may be time to change the tyres, make internal changes, add a turbo and spruce up with a wax and polish.

For business owners, apply for whatever government support is available, refresh your skills with some free Tafe courses available online and hook up with a social media expert to that Facebook and Instagram cracking [See some helpful links below.]

i) Structure your days as much as possible. This is a way of creating your own level of certainty. Use the note pad on your iphone to plan tomorrow’s “must-do’s.”

j) Limit the news reports. Yes, you need to stay informed. No, you don’t need to obsess and consume the negativity.

k) Add a “feel-good” component to every day. What makes you feel good? Maybe for you it’s a steaming bowl of Jamie Oliver’s Classic Minestrone soup? 15 mins of lifting weights? Joining a John Maxwell leadership podcast? Playing Uno with the kids after dinner? 30 minutes of dedicated Spotify music playlist at lunch? Developing a brand new skill like learning the guitar online? Oil painting at night? Some intentional romance with your spouse? [See some helpful links below.]

l) Prepare now for life after Covid-19. Prepare for the inevitable. Focus on your future. What will life be like for you after social distancing? What can you do now to prepare for your new better life? How could you be a better leader? Where would you travel? [See some helpful links below.]

m) Seize the new opportunities. For those whose businesses have been slowed or forced to close, remember that there will be opportunities to return to work. In the meantime, prepare yourself by completing any admin duties. Get your tax prepared. Revitalise your business plan. Conduct online research into your marketplace. Upgrade your website and social media expertise.

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