Renovation Projects And Unprecedented Demands  

Never before has there been such pressure on the building industry following the extraordinary events over the past two years arising from Covid-19.

But what exactly are these pressures on renovation projects?

The following is not exhaustive but may offer property owners and clients a better understanding of what renovation companies like Kirribilli Homes have been managing.

– site covid safety plans

– restricted numbers of tradespersons permitted on site

– trades unable to travel for extended periods in 2021

– limited supply of timber from international sources

– structural steel prices held for 24 hours only

– a restriction in the number of workers in manufacturing that were able to produce
    materials and products impacted by covid-19 and relied upon in renovation projects such
    as gyprock and bathroom products

– rises in fuel costs

– clients in lockdown who were not able to make selection of textiles and material choices

– key staff in lockdown who were relied upon for compliances and certifications

– international and national sources for building materials were stalled

– delivery delays of imported materials and products

– increased costs and availability of required building services i.e. skip bin hire

– impediments caused by heavy rainfalls and flooding

– insurance costs have spiralled upwards

The more recent Ukraine/Russia conflict may have further implications on labour and materials availability with expectations reaching well into 2022.

Patience with Kirribilli Homes project management is recommended as they perservere in proactively managing the escalated increase of challenges in this unique industry season.

Start and finish times of renovation projects may alter however staff are committed to extending the same high level of communication, optimism and client care.

More options than normal may be offered on any given material or product at any given time due to stretches in availabilities to maintain project timelines.

While the building industry has seen competition for workers with other industries, this has not been the case for Kirribilli Homes, being a longstanding specialist in renovations where skill sets for renovation projects is characteristically fit-for-purpose.

While there are increased demands upon the building companies, there is also an increased demand on renovation projects as homeowners have decided to spend overseas travel monies on their current property and releasing more personal savings — choosing to recreate and modernise spaces – a new discipline created by series of lockdowns.  

Property owners are seeking more space creating larger, extended homes in response to lockdowns and low interest rates.

Booming real estate prices have encouraged property owners to renovate and extend.

Repair, maintenance and rectification works from hailstorms, heavy rainfalls and recent floods have encouraged property owners to more greatly invest in their homes.

Typically termite infestations that cause structural damage and black mould that causes health issues follow water penetration issues that are left unresolved by property owners.

Kirribilli Homes welcome new project enquiries and have adopted an innovative project management regime for tightened procedures and efficient checks and balances.

Proactive communications with clients through industry-leading cloud-based technology has proved to engender a heightened site management and certainty for clients.

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